Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Terrorist Attack at Ararat Acres!

I wish it weren't true. It is. We have a terrorist on site. He has infiltrated the ranks at Ararat Acres. And now damage, destruction, and mayhem abounds. If he weren't so darn cute, I think I'd beat him (just kidding PETA!).
Leo the Wonder Kitty has struck again. TWICE I have planted my spring garden in little peat pots.

The second time, I thought I learned my lesson, and I planted them WITH PROTECTION. Charlie and I both thought my little pots would be safe from a wanton kitty cat. I should have known better. He was showing way too much interest to my initial planting process.

This morning, I went out to check on my pots, and I was met with this: (and yes, there are supposed to be dirt, seeds, and seed markers in the aforementioned pots).

I think I need to plant some catnip for a hyperactive cat.... maybe a little herbal "medicinal weed" for my sweet little (appearing to be contrite) kitty? Contrite my foot, I think he's planning his next terrorist event. Look out world!


  1. That is just too cute. We need to notify the authorities and certainly don't let that naughty boy travel internationally :).

  2. Send Leo to Auntie Michelle's house for a few weeks. Then you can get your seeds going and I can stock up on Leo lovin'! :-D I don't promise that he will be reformed when I give him back to you, though.