Friday, April 30, 2010


I do not see many of you on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. This blog, emails, or perhaps an occasional phone call are all you know of my daily life. It's not much, I know. You get what I'm able to put on "paper", but certainly you miss the nuances of living as "Liz and Charlie" on a farm full of animals who have definitive personalities and feelings. You don't see the day to day "living" that goes on here. Only a snapshot. I sometimes wish my camera was rolling 24/7 so you could really understand "us". To be sure, there is a lot of living, dying, birth and new growth going on at Ararat Acres. I mean this physically, metaphorically, and emotionally.

I give you a snapshot of events. But as Paul Harvey would say, "What about the rest of the stories?".

2009- Pain and Provision - We continue to ride the wave of uncertainty in 2010. Charlie is still unemployed and the construction industry is still stagnant in the Dallas area (regardless of what the government reports on an improved economy) . My job, on many days, is vampire-like in its ability to suck the life out of me, although I am extraordinarily aware of, and thankful to have a job. Let's just say it's a love/hate relationship right now. I am praying for improvements. Charlie is (as I type this) in New Mexico, taking a certification course that will enable him to be a mediator/arbiter for construction disputes. I believe he will be of good service to both sides in disputes as an open-minded, fair, knowledgeable, and Christian mediator. He definitely has the personality to do a good job. We are hoping that this will provide additional avenues for possible employment here in this area. I worry that, should this employment drought last much longer, my sweet husband will feel compelled to find work outside the area. Although we've done it before, the prospect is less than appealing (on many levels) to this working inside, outside, AND around the home, farm girl. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to work thru this time in our lives.

Radar Report 2010- Radar continues to amaze and baffle us (and our vet). We've nicknamed him "The Comeback Kid". He has had a handful of serious health events since February, and each time he has rebounded. He has been tested for just about every disease and ailment known to dog-dom, and all are negative. To date, we have narrowed the possible cause for his mysterious malady, and we believe he is suffering from a neuritis that is secondary to a meningitis like infection. We do not know 100% for sure that this diagnosis is accurate, but it is, at least, making sense. He is on a tapered regimen of steroids, and is feeling well enough to swim in the pond and roll in horse poop. That means he feels pretty good (today) in a dog's world.

If you are reading this, and you think to yourself "why would you spend so much time, energy, and money...which you are not loaded with at this minute", you clearly do not know myself or Charlie well. This was (insensitively, I might add) directed at us a few nights ago on a phone call from someone whom I'm sure doesn't read this blog. I was literally speechless. Yes, we know that animals are not people. Yes, although we love our animals, we do know that a human's life is even more important. Yes, our funds are tight right now. Yes, I am realistic on how far we could go in treating the ailment of an animal (read: no organ transplant or chemo for cancer, etc). And yes, regardless of your beliefs.....we believe that God wants us to care for, and be responsible for the animals we have been charged with.

Proverbs 12:10- A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals.

I also believe there is something to the fact that while God found it necessary to end most of human life on earth with the flood, he clearly felt that the species of the earth were worth saving for a new generation of humans.

Almost all of our animals are in our care at Ararat Acres because someone else did not feel it was their responsibility to care for them. They were the dumped, the discarded, and the unwanted. We will not let them down.

What I've learned as a former Biblio-maniac 2010
So, Easter came and went. I did not go out and splurge on books galore the day after Easter. No friends....... I have learned moderation, and I can actually walk into a store, peruse the book section, and NOT buy a book (or even drool). It has been 4 weeks since Easter, and I have only bought one, (on sale) book for myself. I have since bought several books as gifts, but the gifts needed buying anyway, and I am a big giver of books, as I think EVERYONE should love to read :). Just thought ya'll would like to know that while this is one habit that doesn't deserve to be kicked, it did need a little help, and I am woman enough to own up to my weaknesses :).

I think this post is long enough, so I'll stop now. However, if you ever want to know "The Rest of the Story" on a future post, please feel free to shoot me an email, and I will be happy to oblige.


  1. I'm always interested in the rest of the story for every post... just for the record!

  2. and so I am waiting for the rest of the stories of the ararat acres to be continued....
    And I am holding my breath for the outcome of Radar and praying every day that Charlie will find that job soon en hopefully relatively close by...
    All the love from this side off the ashcloud :-)