Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (aka, A Week In My Life)

Sometimes I look back, and the beginning of the week seems like a month ago.....so much crammed into only 7 days, especially when you realize that,........why yes, I do work full time in addition to all the "extras" in my life.

Exhibit A:

The apple tree, laden with apples = picking said apples and then making 4 batches of apple butter and canning the goods (that was an after hours weeklong activity). The fourth batch was actually pear butter with a hint of apple and all are Dee-lish! Canning too, appears to be a success. I am testing the waters and hope to do more of this in the fall.

Charlie managed to nail his toe with the nailgun = a trip to the emergency room (note: picture below is not for the squeamish!). This slowed us down a bit this past week.

Driving our friends, The Waits, to the airport in the wee hours of the morning so that they could make their life transition to Honduras. Happy and sad all rolled into one ball of emotions that early morn. Oh so proud to be able to call this sweet family our dear friends. We cannot wait to see them again.

A trip to the lovely dump with my beloved. Note: the first picture is what the North Texas Municipal Water District wants you to think the dump looks/smells like. The second picture is a better rendition of what we saw as we unloaded a trailer load of debris. I have a rant (regarding what we saw), but I'll save it for another day....I'm thinking a letter to the county might be in order. Anyway....please notice that I WILL follow my hubby pretty much anywhere, even to the dump. I made note that I was THE ONLY female at the dump proper. (Can I see a show of hands, ladies, if you've been to the dump at least once). Being a true farmgirl, I have now been there at least 4 times.

I won't even mention getting a new pasture access ready for our "boys", Donkey Boy getting the big sniparoo (ie- gelded), or Charlie and I doing an incredibly thorough job of getting this house clean. My man is a great vacuum-er even with a hole in his toe :).

How in the world anyone could be bored with their lives is beyond me.


  1. There never is a dull moment in your life Liz!!! I'm very sorry to hear Charlie had an unfortunate run-in with the nail gun - ouch! I hope he is recovering quickly!!!

    Oddly, I was at the city dump a few days ago after cleaning up the garage with the family. However, it looked vastly different from the one pictured here! Oh my, what a landfill!

    Can't wait to catch up soon!

  2. What?! Charlie is cleaning with his injured toe - I suppose the work never ends, eh? Love the pics... especially the one of the dump. That's the 'Inside Story.'

  3. never a dull moment....
    Boy it buffles me were you get your energy from besides your fully full-time job.
    Is the apple butter gastric bypass proof (aka no sugar??), then I would love the recipe, lot's of apple's here waiting for us...
    love from the other side of the ocean!

  4. yes, the apple butter is sugar free! We used agave nectar instead of sugar and is is yummy! I will be happy to share if you are interested :).