Friday, October 22, 2010

Then and Now

In June of 1960, my father graduated from the United States Naval Academy. The very same day, he married his high school mother, at the Naval Academy Chapel. I have been told it was a very quick ceremony, as there was a que of midshipmen and their soon-to-be brides ready to also tie the knot.

(the newly wedded couple, circa June 1960)

Since then, they have lived in California, Wyoming, Iowa, and Texas. They have raised 3 kids, and are loving being grandparents to two sweet granddaughters. They have loved, laughed, cried, and travelled together. They have grown old together. 50 years is not easy all the time.....but the best things in life are usually not.

(The family: 3 generations all together in one place, celebrating the 50th this past weekend at the USNA Chapel)

As Charlie and I pass milestones ourselves (we are at 18), it becomes so clear that only the strongest of hearts can survive as a team. He is the the strength to my weaknesses, and I am likewise his. I know my parents would say the same of each other.

Happy 50th Anniversary to my sweet mom and dad!

1960- 2010


  1. That is so sweet! I love the pictures of them from their wedding day! So awesome!! Congratulations to them and to you and Charlie! (18 year is worth celebrating too!)

  2. Your Dad and Mom are adorable! I can totally see you in them...

    I hope everything is going much better - will miss you next week!