Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Cold Is It?

We are 3 days into our Siberian Express cold snap, and things are cooooold around here! How cold is it? I think our low has been 9 degrees during this Texas weather oddity.
Cold enough that 40 degrees sounds balmy.
Cold enough to freeze some pipes under our pier and beam house. (Prayers for no damage would be greatly appreciated!)
Cold enough to have to break ice on all the water troughs at least twice a day.
Cold enough that the cats take turns sitting in front of the heater in their "warm rooms". (In this picture, it's Eli's turn...)

Cold enough that you could walk across the pond. (I was just a few feet out in this picture...I'm not brave enough to walk all the way across!)

Cold enough that our pond looks like it belongs in Nova Scotia, and there is some amazing ice art out there.

Cold enough that you get TWO blogs from me in 10 days. (Now that's means I'm spending too much time indoors on my days off!)


  1. Hi Liz, yes, it looks like up here in the Artic :) strange climate changes ! here we have green spots where it was supposed to be icy until May/June !

  2. Thanks for the pictures. I love the pond pictures. You described our weather very well too. It is just too cold for Texas weather. I'm ready for those balmy 40s to return!

  3. We got a mail from tracy with so much snow on your land, that the people in Switzerland would be jalous!!!
    Hope the weather is more texaslike by now?
    We had 3 months of frezzing cold and snow as well. But this week it is still cold, but no freezing and the sun is out! And that means the flowerbulbs are getting in bloom :-)

    Love Aryanne