Sunday, January 3, 2010

Leo in Action...Take 1

It is about 34 degrees outside today, but if there are chores to do on a farm, they must get done no matter the weather. The animals are lively and rambunctious. The dogs and Leo the Wonder Kitty have been following us around as we tackle "the list".

Leo takes it upon himself to become the lead scout, in search of......what, you may ask?
Maybe the next best thing to tuna fish?
Slowly, his focus turns to me. I see intent. I see resolve. I (very briefly) see his invisible cape.

"NO!" I shout. I duck.....just in time. Sorry, I was too busy ducking to catch the fleeting shot of his cape flying in the wind. But Leo the Wonder Kitty hit his mark.....

The next best thing to tuna? A big dog with his winter blanket on. Otherwise known as Leo's bareback pad. (the better to hang on with claws don'tcha know). Gotta love this kitty of mine, and his (much bigger) buddies.


  1. That's awesome and it brought a smile to my face! Have a wonderful week!

  2. I laughed out loud at that story. You told it so well too!