Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday Treasure

Yesterday. Yesterday was a beautifully sweet day of accomplishment, letting go, and giving someone else a chance to bond with a horse who has been with us since before birth. Katie is such a special horse. Beautiful, brainy, athletic, and gentle kindness all rolled into one package. It is a combination rarely found (in my humble opinion) in a horse. More special still, I was able to spend 4 years watching her personality blossom....knowing that she would make the perfect horse for just the right person. A horseperson is blessed to have a "once in a lifetime horse". Not every horseperson gets the opportunity. It is the horse you truly partner with, with whom you compare all others. For me personally, it's Lola (I'll post about her someday). But for four years, I knew I was getting Katie ready for HER "once in a lifetime person". Yesterday, she went to her forever home, and while I am sad, and I'm going to miss her (even tho she's just down the road), I am delighted....thrilled....and oh so happy that she is going to enrich someone's life as much as Terry (her new mom) will enrich hers.
I love these two girls and am so happy they will be a new team. It doesn't get much better than that in my book.

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  1. So amazing to read and see this... excited for Terry and Katie and the friendship that will ensue. What a gift you are giving to Terry! Can't wait to hear about Lola one day.