Sunday, July 4, 2010


...... Hopefully, that is!

Yes, you could say we're going batty here at Ararat Acres (in more ways than I care to count sometimes). When it comes right down to it, bats are an all around good idea for environmentally safe flying insect control. Did you know that a single bat, on average, will eat roughly 1,500 mosquitoes per hour? For more interesting bat facts, click here .

***This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by my personal "Bob the Builder" sweet husband, Charlie.....who has built dog domiciles, horse homes, bee buildings, kitty condos, chicken coops, a turkey townhouse, and now bat bungalows (not to mention a pretty nifty place for yours truly to live as well :). ****
If anyone is interested in their very own batville, Charlie is open for business!

1 comment:

  1. I hope this adorable little bat house will soon be inhabited with many insect-eating residents! It looks beautifully constructed - all it needs is a front porch "light" and it'll be the hottest real estate around! :)