Sunday, July 11, 2010

We trust OUR "Weathermen". Do you?

This has been a crazy crazy weather year so far in North Texas. First, Winter swore she would never pack her bags and leave.

When she did, Spring sprung quickly, briefly, and then poof....we had hard core Summer. Summer started dry, with the heavy threat of a drought: an event that makes anyone who has to grow or buy hay (in copious amounts) cringe. Now, we've got the oddity of heavy scattered showers (in July!!!!) for the last two weeks.

I'm hoping it's enough to take the edge off the aforementioned drought. I bring all this up to give well deserved kudos to a couple of our farm "weathermen", who are right about rainstorms oh.....pretty much 100% of the time (can your weatherman make that boast?).

I was given some Rain Lilies about 3 years ago. A "little old lady" gave them to me from her homestead. She said, "You watch. They will only bloom when it's going to rain." These plants are dead on right, even when the tv weatherman is wrong. I have since learned that this plant might actually be called a Crinum. Or maybe it's in the Crinum family. The common term Rain Lily suits them tho. The only time the plant makes this fast growing shoot (no kidding. It grows about 18 inches in 24hrs, and then pops out blooms very quickly after that.) is right before a rain. Amazing. If they say it's going to rain, it IS going to rain.

Our other weathermen are a couple of our dogs....but especially Kelly. Sweet Kelly is our "formerly feral fido" who is about as sweet as you can get. Kelly was truly a wild dog who ran with the coyotes in our area before he decided that life on the farm might suit him after all. I will post about Kelly and his "Muttley Makeover" someday (it is a story that is worth telling). All this to say, Kelly mostly prefers to be an outside dog. Oh, you can ask him to come in, but he will probably politely decline the offer. Unless there is a storm coming. In the event of a storm, Kelly is most happy laying on the floor (or in his bed) in our bedroom. He will ask to come in, and he will trot down the hall, and he will settle in for the long haul. Sweet Kelly B is a fine specimen of a weatherdog. When the storm is over (even if in the middle of the night), Kelly will go to the door and ask to be let out where he can resume his position as night watch dog.

Living in the country away from the constant thrum of city life, I can see and hear and smell things I may otherwise miss. I love how often looking to nature for answers works. God so often gives us clues to help us solve the questions.....if you only know how to look.

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  1. I am sure glad that Winter finally decided to leave this year! The sudden appearance of the last and final snowstorm this past year left me (literally) in a wreck. :(

    I can't wait to hear about Kelly!