Monday, July 12, 2010

Two Nights (not for the faint of heart)

Sunday night. Bad news: Foster is bitten on the muzzle by a copperhead. Good news: If you are a dog and are going to be bitten by a poisonous snake, get bitten by a copperhead. It's painful and swollen, but rarely life threatening. Thank God.

Monday night. Bad news. A snake invaded the chicken coop.....again. Good news: Three golf balls, Leo the Wonder Kitty (aka "the snake avenger" on behalf of his buddy Foster), and a husband who doesn't mind killing snakes later, said snake is dead. Ding dong..... No, it is not the same snake, but it felt good, just the same. A little victory in defense of our kids.

Later: Yes, it's clear, we do live under the rainbow.......snakes and all (This was tonight too, and too beautiful not to share). Nobody can say we lead boring lives out here in the country.........


  1. Wow....what a peaceful ending to what was an action-packed weekend!!! Berk told me about the Copperhead yesterday and I am glad that Foster is okay!!!

  2. Me too. The picture of his nose is 24hrs, a vet consult, and some prednisone later. It doesn't do the swelling justice, as it was his nose, lips, and jowls and neck. So thankful it wasn't worse.

  3. I love the rainbow! I got pics of the same rainbow at our place. It was quite breathtaking!

    I'm so glad Foster is going to be ok. You've had enough loss for one year.

  4. Holy cow, what a giant snake! Makes me glad to live in MN where they'd freeze to death. This winter when it is -20 degrees I'll look on the bright side! Sorry to say, my favorite snake is a dead one. Way to go.