Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Everyone needs one......

When you have a really rotten day at work, and you know you want to frown..... everyone needs one (we'll talk about how good Donkey Boy is at giving donkey hugs sometime soon):

When your life feels stinky, and you feel worthless as a pinky (toe)......everyone needs one (or a handful):

When you think no one cares......everyone needs one:

When you need a smile, you should come visit us at Ararat Acres. It's hard to be down for too long when you have animals that can make you smile no matter what. And that's a fact.


  1. Oh how this post made me smile after a rotten stinky day at work! I love how all your horses are standing in a neat little line...was this how they approached little Diego? (Or "Donkey boy" :) ) He looks so small and completely huggable standing there in the tall grass. It must be so wonderful to have a whole menagerie of loving animals to greet you (oh, and a loving husband too!) at the end of hard day!

  2. So sweet. Your family is always changing with wonderful personalities being added. It does make you smile. Can't wait to bring my kids out on Tuesday.

    Love your new background, too.