Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Passing the Baton / Challenge

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen. (Rev 22:21)
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Almost one year ago (360 days to be exact), our Pastor, Phil, issued a challenge that I took personally. Well, maybe it wasn't a challenge......maybe it was encouragement, or a recommendation..... definitely it was advice. I don't remember all of the context of the sermon (Sorry Phil, it was a year ago!), but his words spoke to me, and given that it was the beginning of a new year, I decided to add it to my list of New Year's resolutions for 2010. I can't remember any of my other resolutions this year (so I'm pretty sure I didn't keep them :)..... but I did keep one that I will finish today: reading the Bible (cover to cover) in one year. Amen.
Coincidentally, Charlie and I were given The Chronological Study Bible last Christmas, so God was definitely "giving me the nudge" to Do This.
On January 3rd, I started my journey with this FABULOUS Bible. In addition to actually reading the entire Bible, I also got an enormous dose of World History, Christian History and Middle Eastern Archeology and Anthropology. I mean, WOW. Not to say it's been easy all the time. Truly, even with interesting facts and tidbits imbedded thruout this NKJV study Bible, there are tedious sections, so perseverence is key (Even tho lineage is terribly important for the history and birth of Jesus, reading about who begat whom can get to be a little dry........). I am content and joyful with regards to this milestone in my life, and a little sad that I've ended this journey. The good news is that this past year has piqued my interest in a number of Biblical subjects, so I have some investigative work to complete in 2011 and beyond :).

Yesterday, I decided that I wanted to celebrate the completion of my journey by "passing the baton" and by being an encourager for someone who is just waiting for this challenge to cross their path at the right time in their life. So, I have purchased a new Chronological Study Bible (the same one I've just completed), and I would like to give it to someone who has serious intent to rise to the be part of the 10% of Christians who have read the entire Bible. Everyone who leaves a comment on this blog and expresses an interest will be entered in a drawing for this Bible. I don't care where you are in the world....I will mail it to you if you don't live in our area, or deliver it in person if you do :). Make this YOUR New Year's Resolution for 2011. I will be drawing the winner on January 1st and will get your Bible to you ASAP.......I can promise that you won't regret this. With love and blessings~ Liz

PS- Charlie has told me that he is accepting this challenge in January 2011 too.....with our copy :)....I am very proud of him for this as he doesn't find reading as enjoyable as I do.


  1. LOVE this. My accountability partner did this last year with an online version that I was too technologically challenged to enjoy. She is celebrating, too. Congratulations, Liz!

  2. So proud of your tenacity... one of the things I've always admired. I may just have to see if I can get the Chronological Study Bible in e-book format :).

    Would love to hear more of your gleanings in April at Cafe Brazil :)

  3. Hi Liz :) I am excited about taking your's about time for me :) I have such fond memories of spending time on your farm with Audrey and enjoying your beautiful animals! God bless you in your ministry and have a wonderful New Year!! Deb Fletcher

  4. Love your blog, Liz! Didn't know about it till you sent the email. Although I'm one of the "10%" already, you know a librarian couldn't pass up an opportunity to have such a Bible! Put my name in the hat! ~ Happy New Year to you and Charlie.

  5. Congratulations, Liz! Looks like you have your Dad's tenacity and your Mom's love of literature! Please add our names to your list - have just reviewed the book on Amazon, and it looks excellent.

    Fun to see someone else is recommending The Daily Coyote to you!

    Seeds - I'll be starting them in February and would love to try 8 of your morning glories. Mine ended up coming back up a pale pink last summer. What may I send you? Some of my favorites: a perennial tall blue salvia, angelonia, a tall lime green coleus, a tall begonia that looks lovely in front of the coleus, etc. I start hundreds of seeds each year to share with friends, so if there is something you especially want to try - ask - I might just have the seeds! Hugs to you, Charlie and all your 4-legged friends! Sue & Rick

  6. I'm very proud of you for reading all the way through and for challenging someone else. I am about 2/3 through and should be finished in a little over a year. Like you, I have a list of topics to go back and read when I am finished.

  7. Thanks Liz for sending this! I actually took the same challenge from Pastor Phil, but did not do as well as you. I'm about 80% complete now reading from, so I should finish in the next month or two.

    Thinking ahead to when that moment comes, I wanted to read it again but using a Study Bible that explains things a little more. It looks like you found a good one, so maybe I will be the lucky one to win your drawing! But just in case I don't :-), where did you get your copy?

  8. Love your blog! I'll take the challenge. If my name is drawn, can you deliver the Bible to Kelly and I in person?
    Puira Vida

    Steve Ezell

  9. Martin is taking your challange and if drawn, we hope you come and deliver it in person with Charlie off course :)
    All THE best wiegde to you both!
    We did send you à christmaspresent, but due to our postal service not working for two weeks, it got send over THE ocean way too late to arrivé before christmas i guess.
    Love Aryanne

  10. Happy New Year to you and Charlie! I also made it a goal to read the Bible from front to back many years ago. I accomplished that goal BUT know that I didn't STUDY the words (or message) as well as I could (or should). So often, we skim over the important things in life without truly understanding. Maybe this is the year I should STUDY the words. You, my friend, have been an inspiration from the first time we e-mailed one another. And I wish you and Charlie all the best in the upcoming years!!!

  11. Hi, Liz! That's awesome! Way to go! You truly are a woman of discipline. I'm going to be a minute or two too late to enter the drawing, but that's okay because I've already made my resolution to read through the New Testament this year. I did the whole Chronological Bible (NIV version) a few years ago, and I loved it, too, as my very dog-eared copy will attest. I remember the thing that hit me the most was that, after struggling through all the doom and gloom of the OT prophetic books, Jesus' birth was truly a brilliant explosion of light and hope for all mankind. Wow! You and Charlie are an inspiration to all of us, and I wish you both the happiest New Year possible. Blessings aplenty to everyone who accepts your challenge and best wishes to everyone in the drawing!

    Happy New Year!
    --Michelle Mae