Saturday, January 1, 2011

And The Winner Is.......

Charlie did the honors tonite, and the winner of the Tommy Nelson Chronological Study Bible is Sue Johnson! Sue and her husband Rick are some of my parents oldest and dearest friends.(They have known my parents longer than I have). I was able to meet this sweet couple in October, when we celebrated my parents 50th wedding aniversary in Annapolis, Maryland. Incidentally, Sue is the co-author of, GrandLoving, a book full of ideas on how (if you are a grandparent) to connect and make memories with grandchildren, especially when distance may impede a close connection.

Congratulations Sue :).......enjoy! (I will have your prize in the mail ASAP, so you will only be a few days behind in reading).

Be Blessed in 2011~ Liz


  1. I can't believe it - think this is the first thing I've won in my 70 years! Rick and I are truly excited and eager to read this new Bible together...after 50 years of marriage, "togetherness" works for us!

    As a thank you, may we offer two copies - personalized and signed - of our new 5th edition of Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren to two of your followers? Charlie, would you please do the honors and draw for us?

    It has been a blessing getting to know you, Liz, and thank you! Sue

  2. I will be happy to draw names again. This is fun to pass it forward with you guys. Love, Charlie and Liz James

  3. Congratulations, Sue! I hope you enjoy the Bible as much as Liz did. She and I have had so many wonderful conversations as a result of our Bible reading.

  4. Hi Liz!
    I really need to email you about something but can't find your email address anywhere. Can you please email me asap? farmgirlfare AT gmail DOT com Thanks! :)